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Our mission is to partner with mothers, who often neglect their own needs to care for everyone else’s, and help them prioritize their personal wellness. We know that when moms take care of themselves, they have much more to offer to those they love. We provide wellness coaching and online tools to support the pursuit of optimal well-being.

We don’t believe in gimmicks or quick-fixes. We believe in sustained lifestyle change that involves hard work, wholesome foods, and commitment to achieve good health. If you are done looking for a magic pill and ready to take responsibility for your health and wellness, then… Step Up! We’ve got your back.

About Us

Fit Pursuits, Inc. is a Texas based company founded in 2004 by stay-at-home-mom, Renee Smalling. Initially, this one-woman-show provided in-home personal training and small-group outdoor fitness classes. She expanded the business to offer wellness life coaching as well. However, her services were limited to clients in a small geographic area. In an effort to share her passion for health and fitness with a larger audience, she transformed the company to a digital presence providing telephonic wellness coaching and online support services. Fit Pursuits strives to give every person a chance to experience personalized support in achieving better health and wellness.

Meet the Founder

Renee began her career as a teacher and has teaching experience spanning from elementary school to university level instruction. However, unexpected weight gain after having her first child led her down a new path. The life-changing power of healthy living inspired her to start her own fitness and wellness company and took her professional aspirations on a whole new exciting journey. 

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