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My Story

I wasn’t one of those people that grew up playing sports or loving exercise. In fact, I generally avoided active pursuits and preferred academic interests. However, living in New York City during my college years encouraged me to walk everywhere and to learn martial arts for personal safety. I had always been passionate about being an educator, so I majored in education with a concentration in psychology at NYU. After college, I started my professional career as an elementary school teacher in Texas. I loved my job, but after my first son was born, I chose to be a stay-at-home-mom. 

Like many new mothers, I found myself gaining weight. When I reached over 30% of my ideal bodyweight, I decided that something needed to change because I wasn’t happy. The problem was that I didn’t know where to start. But, I figured that taking baby steps in the right direction was better than feeling stuck, so I began to do exercise videos in the privacy of my own home. Obviously, at first, I didn’t notice any significant changes except the way I felt. Let me tell you, I felt so energized and proud of myself for sticking with the program that it encouraged me to continue exercising. Slowly but surely, my body began to change. A year later I didn’t recognize myself. I was in better shape at 30 years old after having a baby than I had been my entire life. I was so inspired by my exercise-induced transformation that I got certified as a personal trainer and founded my own fitness and wellness company, Fit Pursuits, Inc. My passion was working with fellow moms and showing them the life-changing power of exercise and healthy living.

I offered in-home personal training and small-group boot camp classes. After my second child was born, I added stroller-based group classes for moms as well. However, being a teacher-at-heart, I wanted to learn more about exercise science. So, I went back to graduate school to get my master’s degree in kinesiology (the study of human movement). Along the way, I worked as a graduate research and teaching assistant and an adjunct lecturer in exercise science. Meanwhile, I juggled running my business and taking care of two little boys (three, if you count my husband). 

I was very excited to share my new found research-based knowledge with my personal training clients, but I felt like I was preaching to the choir. Most of my clients had made the decision that they were going to participate in regular exercise and simply needed my help to design safe, effective programs. However, I met mothers all the time that wished they could improve their health and fitness if they only had the time, energy, and resources. These were the people I wanted to help the most because I knew exactly how they felt. We’ve all needed help and support at times, but we tend to be most successful when we find solutions for ourselves (rather than having someone tell us what to do). This is the very philosophy at the heart of coaching. It seemed like a natural evolution to me to go from personal training to wellness coaching.

As a wellness coach, I am able to partner with other moms and help them uncover their personal recipe for success. Since the coaching relationship can be developed over the phone, it does not limit me to a small geographical area. In addition, wellness coaching addresses all aspects of well-being such as stress, energy, life satisfaction, health, nutrition, and weight. Thus, it became a logical transition to take the focus of my business from the pursuit of physical fitness to the pursuit of optimal wellness. Likewise, shifting from a local personal training service to a global wellness coaching service allows me to reach and support a much larger audience.

If you can relate to any part of my story, contact me today. Let’s start a conversation…