Good, maybe even great, is a word to describe my life. However, I decided that I wanted AWESOME to describe my life. I had found conventional therapist's tools inadequate to help me reach my goal. In a wellness coach, I finally found the perfect fi . My life needed small but crucial tweaks. Renee worked with me to clarify areas of my life that were sabotaging me both mentally and physically. Armed with a weekly plan of action and lots of encouragement, I easily accomplished small goals and really built up my belief in myself. Accountability to Renee kept me honest and striving to hit my goal of an AWESOME life. Thanks Renee!

Liz, mother of two, Murphy, TX

My experience with Renee has been wonderful. After having two babies, foot surgery, and finally losing all my "baby fat," I still didn't look good because my body had changed so much. Renee came in and put me on a schedule of cardio and weight training along with dramatically changing my diet (actually she let me eat a lot more than what I was doing!). The effects have been amazing. So far, I have lost significant body fat and lots of inches. I can call her anytime to ask questions about things I have read or different options to eat. Renee is energetic and very motivating! I can't wait to reach my goals and I know I can do it with Renee training me! 

Emily, mother of three, Allen, TX
Renee is extremely knowledgeable about fitness and nutrition. She tailors it so well around your habits and interests that achieving goals seems completely possible and she encourages you all the way. I was leery about being trained by someone so fit, but her entire program is focused on being the best you can be, not transforming into someone else or fitting into a social mold. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time (sessions) with her and am convinced she's responsible for making me a better me! 

Christy, mother of two, Tulsa, OK

Fit Pursuits and Renee in particular have been great for my family, not only the individualized attention, but the accountability and variety of workouts. We hit it for a solid hour, but each session is so different--I never get bored with a workout. I appreciate the obvious thought and preparation that goes into each workout before she gets to our front door. With a wife and two little boys, time is at a premium. It's nice to be able to throw on an old shirt and workout with Fit Pursuits at my convenience, without ever leaving my home. Thanks Renee for changing how I look at diet and exercise--forever! 

Todd Davis, President, Tommy White Automotive, Dallas, TX
Renee is a very knowledgeable trainer with a high energy level. She developed a focused regimen for me to strengthen my core muscles in order to eliminate chronic back pain. Following Renee’s program, I have been pain free for six months. I am now training to run a half marathon; and once again, I turned to Renee to develop the appropriate program that includes strength training and stretching. I know that with Renee’s help, I can reduce the risk of injury. 

Roy Rumbough, father, Plano, TX 

Renee, thank you so much for getting me and keeping me on my toes. You are a jewel of a trainer and a great encourager. I’ve enjoyed our relationship so much. 

L.W.S., mother of two, Plano, TX